Fluids’ Filtration Technologies

TTF is a company specialised in filtration systems manufacturing for industrial pourposes together with different filtration technologies. The company offers a wide range of equipments to satisfy any filtration need: Units for filtration improvement; Complete units; Centralised units; Filtering cartridges and many others.

Engineering and Manufacturing

During our 45 years of experience we have projected and manufactured different models for any kind of application: for lubri-coolants, for mineral / vegetal oils; for any machining center, for sharpening machines, for grinding machines. Self cleaning filters and – more – cartridges for all of them, for spark and wire erosion, stainless steel mesh cartridges; polyester mesh cartridges.

We take care of all the phases: analysis, project development, production, delivery and installation.
We can also supply a specialised consulting and very interesting and efficient after sale contracts.

01. Filtration improvement

our improvement filter line has 5 different models; a new generation products range, small sized, excellent performances, efficiency and reliability guaranteed. These units fit very well with hard works, into small surfaces, with satisfactory results.

04. Filtering cartridges

 A large assortment of filtering cartridges available in different models and materials: Spark and wire erosion, oils, emulsions, polymerized paper, polyester and steel made. A Product line with high quality standards to refine the filtering level.

02. Complete units

A complete technologic line for filtering pourposes, with exceptional performances, ideal for industrial use closed to the machining tools, substituting original filters, often not sufficiently performing. These complete filters have been developed to increase working rhithms and optimize production, meantime assuring excellent results and a waste reduction.

05.Self cleaning filters

 Discover the TTF news in the filtering field: into this section you’ll find a wide choice of last generation equipment and systems for any application and and a constantly updated offer of technologies functional and advantageous

03. Centralized filters

TTF offers a centralized range of filters which firstly consider the specific client‘s needs. They are therefore personalized after a careful analysis of the structures and client’s production parameters.
These products fit very well with an industrial plant with guarantees on the quality performances and an excellent filtration rating, all of it with a big saving on the economic investment.

06. Services

 Discover the services that TTF offers to the clients. Trust in our thirty years experience and in our qualified staff to have technical assistance or to book a consulence: you‘ ll be able to choose the best filtration products suitable for your needs and to ask for any failure or problem.

Company values

In the last thirty years TTF has been an Italian reference point for filters projecting and manufacturing: thanks to its comproved experience. It is able to develop customized equipments for any technical need under the guarantee of top standards. TTF offers a wide choice of cartridges and filters for  mineral and vegetal oils as well as emulsioned even if mixtured according to specific needs.

  • Functional and in the van technologies
  • Good value for money
  • Continuous customer service
  • After sale assistance

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