The company today

TTF was established in 1985, as an evolution of the  FILTROSEC  company Sas, founded in 1972. The company specialized in project and production of filters, cartridges and filtration technologies, and operates in the central and northern areas in Italy. Over the years, the offer has constantly been expanded to cover all the market needs and in particular the industrial sector.

Today the catalogue boasts a wide range of filters and equipments, which are applied in the most disparate fields (wire and plunge EDM, milling, sharpening of blades and tools, grinding, lapping, tooling, broaching, deep drilling, sector Food, etc.). The company also offers a useful customer service, active during the development phase of the technologies, until the time of delivery and installation.

Industrial Filtration in Italy

TTF operates in the industrial filtration field, with two locations – a productive and a legal one – located in Uboldo, province of Varese, and in Milan, respectively.

The company is known both in the center and in northern Italy and boasts a series of collaborations with important realities of the national industrial landscape: its products are applied to production plants of small, medium and large size, as well as in local and/or artisan companies (workshops, laboratories, etc.).

In addition, TTF offers technical assistance – including after-sales – in Lombardia, Piemonte, Veneto, Emilia-Romagna and, in general, in the northern Italy, guaranteeing fast repairs and qualified support for eventual problems, failures or malfunctioning of the machinery.

Technology and filtration

TTF has always been attentive to the innovations present on the national, European and international markets: Today the company masters the most performing, modern and advantageous technologies, and offers filters and filtering cartridges for new generation filtration, of simple and efficient use. As it regards the production of filters, TTF is at the highest quality standards level: its plant in Uboldo (VA) has advanced machinery and a first order staff, to make the best work and always guarantee the highest security. The TTF catalogue includes the most innovative filtration technologies: modification filters, centralized filters (also customised), filtration cartridges and a wide range of different models.

Why to choose TTF?

TTF offers excellent performance filter and filter cartridges, available at competitive prices: thanks to the use of these new technologies, it is possible to optimize and speed up production rhythms and, at the same time, to improve the quality of processing.

TTF develops, manufactures and distributes filters for every need, also tailored to the customer needs: to request personalized products, it is possible to agree a specialized consultancy with the company staff. With its well-established experience and know-how, TTF is the ideal partner for users and industries needing filtration technologies, and requiring technical support for selection and assembly of products.

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