TTF has developed a line of complete filters for the industry: these are modern and performing equipment, characterised by a high value for money and filtration quality. Today these products are used in various sectors, in particular in factories, workshops and handicraft laboratories: The TTF company, in this sense, is able to realize costomized filters, designed to meet specific needs

TTF proposes complete filters with variable dimensions, with a filtering surface ranging from a minimum of 10.8 sq. m to a maximum of 43.20 sq. m. These products are equipped with a tank (with threaded connectors for the connection of the exhaust from the machine tool), 1(2) special filtration pump(s) and a filtration section, composed of 1 or more F4 filters depending on the size of the system; There is also 1(or more) pump(s) to relaunch the clean coolant for the feeding of the machine tool and for washing. The products can be customised both in the design and in the technical characteristics, and through the application of optional, like the refrigerator for the conditioning of the temperature of the coolant, the heat exchanger (complete with its own pump) to stainless steel plates and the switchboard for control of the utilities.

The models proposed by TTF are the following:

TTF has a long-term experience in the field of industrial filtration and, therefore, is able to manufacture filters for coolant and sharpening machines, as well as for a wide range of applications (Goldware, food, mechanics, etc.). The company’s offer is full of functional and avant-garde proposals, in line with the highest quality and safety standard Italian as well as international.

TTF’s complete filters are utilized into workshops, industrial plants and craft laboratories; The catalogue also includes filters for machining centers, for sharpening machines, milling machines (even ultrarapides), grinding and large removal. The company also proposes customized filtration technologies, developed to respond ad hoc to particular needs of customers and to increase the production rhythms.

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