TTF proposes a wide range of filtration cartridges, available in various models, materials and sizes: a line of top quality products that guarantee impeccable results and high standards. Cartridges are commonly used for industrial use, or they are used in filters and machinery employed in workshops, handicraft laboratories or prototypes, and in other productive contexts.

TTF has a well-stocked catalogue, with filtration cartridges with different technical characteristics: The products are made of high-grade and resistant materials, such as stainless steel and polyester, and boast a versatile structure and functional, which facilitates and speeds up filtration processes.

Into The Available Wide Range You Can Find:

TTF offers specialized support for the choice of products: customers will be able to request assistance to the staff, in case of doubts and/or perplexity, to identify the most suitable filtration cartridges, depending on the requirements of plants, machinery and establishments. With its experience and the rich variety of available models, TTF is able to meet the new demands of the market, always guaranteeing quality and convenience.

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