TTF proposes various models of modification filters, a category with simple use, characterized by small size and a comfortable mounting on wheels, which allows a really smoother transport. The products produced by the company boast high performance, resistance to intense working conditions and an excellent filtering capacity, so as to be indicated to increase the productive rhythms of the industries.

TTF proposes a well-stocked catalogue of solutions for industrial filtration, and one of the most appreciated and requested products by customers is the modification filters: These are ancillary machines that are used to modify existing systems that alone would not be sufficient to filter operations. We are talking about plants with small dimensions, which are usually mounted on wheels to facilitate the displacement even within the narrower environments. Despite the compact dimensions, however, the modification filters guarantee high level performances, in line with the more imposing plants, thus allowing to improve the working rhythms of the machine tools and to considerably reduce the costs of the management.

Specifically The Models Proposed By Ttf Are

It is a line of products made with high performance materials, such as cast iron and stainless steel, and equipped with safety mechanisms. The modification filters have a total filtering surface varying from 5.4 sq. m to 48 sq. m and, therefore, they are versatile and suitable also for different uses. TTF offers technical support for the choice of products, providing all the necessary information to select the most suitable models according to the needs of the user and/or the industrial plant.

TTF is aimed at a heterogeneous target of industries: its products, in fact, are applied in various contexts. Some examples of these uses are: wire and plunge EDM, milling, sharpening of blades and tools, grinding, lapping, denting, broaching, etc. In addition, the wide range of models present in the company’s catalogue lends itself to satisfying the needs of both large companies and small businesses.

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