New Filtration Technologies

TTF specialized in project and production of filters: one of the most interesting innovations concerns the (so-called) self-cleaning filters, completely automated equipments, which allow to maintain very tight working rhythms, without renouncing to quality and safety and without any maintenance of the machine. These products can also be realized with customized characteristics, in order to adapt to the particular needs of the customer.

The self-cleaning filters are characterised by a system of tanks, which allows the constant recirculation of the coolant, so that it is continuously treated by self-cleaning filters and (downstream of them) by filter cartridges, even in machine pause moments. Moreover, self-cleaning filters are equipped with a control mechanism, which is activated when cleaning is necessary, that is, in case of accumulation of residues: this allows to maintain an optimum working rhythm, without overloading the cartridges, nor requiring any pauses to wash them.

The self-cleaning filters, due to the impeccable functioning, are adapted to any type of use, both in industrial and in large factories, as well as in workshops and handicraft laboratories; They can also be customized in size and technical specifications.

Filter  Design

TTF offers the support of a department specialized in filters projecting, available for the development of customisable equipment, that reflect as much as the needs of the customer. Thanks to its consolidated experience in the field of industrial filtration, whole oils and emulsified, the company has managed to better grasp the new demands of the Italian market, proposing technologies always functional, safe and performing.

In addition, TTF selects the most resistant and suitable raw materials, capable of withstanding high temperatures and frequent working conditions, such as stainless steel and polyester. Finally, there are also cartridges of various models and sizes, to be combined with technologies for filtration.

Do you want to know more about the self-cleaning filters and other news offered by TTF? Request a specialized consultancy to the staff of the company: after having carefully assessed your needs, the experts will advise you on the most congenial and advantageous products available, or will provide with the design and production phase of Filters.

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