TTF has been involved in the design, production and sale of filters and filtration technologies for over thirty years. The company offers The whole production with standard sizes and models, and customized equipments, made according to specific requests and needs of customers. Always attentive to the new needs of the market, TTF collaborates, today, with industrial plants, workshops, workshops and prototypes, as well as with small users, proposing new generation machinery for the filtration of whole oils and/or emulsions, but also self-cleaning filters, filters for lubricant coolers, for machining centers and for sharpening machines.


TTF develops innovative and functional filtration technologies, with technical features, design and customized materials. This concerns, in particular, the category of centralized filters, or of those large equipment, in use especially in the industry, which can be connected to one or more machines. Before proceeding with the development phase, however, the requirements of the purchaser are carefully analysed, in terms of both the application area (e.g. industrial plants or small work machinery) and of treated liquids (emulsified oils, solvents, oil, etc.), than economic budget. With its proven experience in the filter’s projects and with its top-rate staff, TTF has been able to establish itself as one of the most qualified partners in the panorama of central and northern Italy, with products that enjoy an excellent reputation in the national field, as the new self-cleaning filters.


The company offers specialized advice to its customers, to support them during the phase of the choice and the purchase of the machines and/or the filtration cartridges. Initially, in fact, the staff analyzes the needs of the customer and its factory (or workshop, laboratory, etc.), focusing on the equipment that need technologies for filtration and on the treated liquids. The consultancy is carried out by personnel with a great technical competence, with the aim of helping the client to select the solution for him more congenial, by evaluating in detail also the advantages and disadvantages.

Installation and Service

TTF offers an useful installation service and technical assistance, active in the centre and in northern Italy. Customers who need support for the assembly of filters, therefore, can contact the specialized staff, who will make such intervention in the shortest time possible. The company is also available for maintenance and/or repair work, in case of faults, damages or malfunctions, so that the purchaser (and his factory) can recover the normal production activities. The TTF staff has a long experience in the field of industrial filtration and, with its great competence and professionalism, manages to identify the most functional solutions to solve any problems.

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